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Fever has gone. I'm left with a nasty cough now, and lots of snot. The cough is nasty because it's the kind of cough that is called "unproductive". You see, coughing is something between an action and a reflex - you cough because something is irritating your throat, and normally it works as a reflex (just like vomiting) but you can learn to control it more or less, and delay the actual moment. The cough serves to clear out whatever's stuck in your throat.

Now, sometimes your body messes up, and it's triggering your cough even though there's nothing stuck in your throat. So you end up caughing like a madman to the point where your stomach convulses, but it doesn't clear anything from your throat and it doesn't solve anything, since immediately after the trigger still thinks whatever it's acting on is there. So then you try to force yourself to ignore the trigger and not cough, which is hard. There's also some coughing syrup that helps suppress the trigger.

Anyway, today is coughing day. That with the snot gives me a royal headache all through the day and the inability to think on the same subject for more than a minute.

On the plus side, today is also a day where all my muscles are itchy and electrified. The exact same feeling when you first get ill, but it feels more positive. Or, the feeling you have when you've just fallen in love with someone. That tingly sensation that spreads over your whole body. What's even better is that yawning makes all of my muscles tingle even more to the point that they feel like they're being tickled really gently. Sort of a mini-orgasm if you will. So I spent a lot of time yawning and then savouring the feeling for a good five to ten seconds. And the best thing is, you can do it over and over again... So if you see me yawn and smile today, leave me alone, I'm enjoying it.

I'm sure there are neuro-chemical explanations as to why this weird sensation is shared between illness and young love. I just wish there were other ways for me to reach that state than getting ill, as I'm very happy with my girlfriend so the feeling of young love will not happen to me anytime soon.


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