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12:03 am

Off to Washington tomorrow for a week. I’m going to do a talk on Flumotion at PyCon on Friday. Hope to meet interesting people, discuss Pythony stuff, get some new ideas, and maybe find some people that want to work with us. If you’re at the conference, or just in Washington, and want to meet up, let me know.

I’m staying with Donald, a friend we made here in Barcelona that went back to the US. Hope to do some sightseeing as well while I’m there. I hope he can get tickets for either the Interpol or QOTSA show at the 9.30 club in Washington – both are sold out atm. Would be great to go see a show there.

Anyway, back to packing …

Update: Donald just messaged us to tell me we’re going to Interpol !!! /me jumps up and down with joy…

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