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Arriving in Washington

Filed under: General,Python — Thomas @ 5:39 pm

5:39 pm

In Frankfurt I got baggage-checked four different times. Fun. I also got assigned the wrong seat. Luckily this seat was in Business Class, even though the seat was already taken. No worries – the guy in my seat was bumped up to First Class :) So the flight was nice and the food was good.

Donald was at the airport to come and pick me up and he drove me around Washington a little to show me some sights. Then he took me to his place and proceeded to put my stuff in his bedroom. He slept on the couch. He really is too nice.

Got up this morning around six-ish, feeling OK jetlag-wise. On the way to PyCon I sampled some of the US breakfast food – the cream cheese salmon sesame bagle was especially nice. First talk I saw was about IronPython, and it really was a good talk. Met some Twisted people already, hope to meet some more. Yay !


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