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How to change from a bunch of hackers to a corporation

Christian: Wim, can you mail X about Y so Z gets done ?
Wim: Sure. Write the mail and I'll send it.


Bagels are sithspawn. They are soooo damn good with that lovely cream cheese, but there's absolutely NO WAY you can eat them without getting the cream all over your face. Two weeks after Washington and I still have a craving, I need to find me a bagel shop here.

Growing up nicely. She's been very playful since day two, and has started exploring the rooms beyond the living room. We're still not letting her on the terrace though. She has made her dumps in the litter box every single time. The only problem left is that she starts digging and running through the litterbox afterwards, smearing out the dumps and getting lots of poo on her body. So we stand by and clean her up when she gets out. And we clean out the litterbox in the morning and pray to God the place is still clean when we get back.

Had a nice little birthday party last weekend. First BBQ of the year ! Christian seems to be under the mistaken impression that it's perfectly fine to not call to cancel your coming when you are invited as long as you think it's not a birthday party. Also, he thinks it's fine to not think it's not a birthday party when he actually got an invite that clearly said it's a birthday party. Can someone please clue him in on how girls think on this subject so I can get unstuck out of the middle ?

Kristien has taken on a part-time at CitiBank, the black hole for Belgians in Barcelona. Two weeks of 8 hour training with only two fifteen minutes break and an hour lunch break. I feel for her. (Well, I already did of course) Hang in there honey !

Sometimes I get that strong feeling that someone I know is having his or her birthday coming up, or today. The thing is, I know exactly what date the birthday is on. The trouble is of course remembering who's birthday it is. So, we had Heleens birthday on April 11 (Heleen is an ex-girlfriend who by coincidence is also living in Barcelona) and Kristien's on April 9. Those were accounted for. But who was the person that April 10 was trying to ring a bell for ?

Some thinking later I realized that I had another ex-girlfriend who has her birthday on the 10th. Eerie. And they match in chronological descending order. Coincidence ?

Maybe we shouldn't let too many people in on this secret though - next thing you know all the women born on April 8th will try to break Kristien and me up. And I'm quite happy with my current girlfriend, thank you very much.


I put in my LCD Sound System disc-that-can't-be-called-CD-because-of-the-copy-protection-scheme and the computer tried to make me believe it was Bloc Party. Coincidence ?
Of course, the damn copy protection scheme also makes the drive unusable - it has errors mounting the data part and after that it fails to eject.

Pete seems to not be very convinced of my patch-steal-fu when it comes to kernels :) However, after some culling and fixing from the -mm branch, this patch fixes it. The test case runs 1000 open/grab frame/close iterations, and not a single traceback or lockup. Incidentally, Pete, why do you hope and expect Firewire to die in the marketplace ? I don't see that happening any time soon, and moreover, I'm not sure what you suggest the alternative would be.

Now, being a kernel n00b, can anyone tell me who I should poke to make sure this goes into Fedora Core 4. I have heard the word "upstream" being mentioned, combined with the words "haha" and "chaos". Somebody please enlighten me :)

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