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bittorrent and LCA and shower

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James, I didn't know bittorrent used rar internally. Or, let me rephrase - are you sure it does ? I've downloaded single files, and multiple files, and the multiples end up in a directory, one by one, and the first one is usable as soon as it starts writing the second one. You sure you didn't just get a torrent for a .rar file ? I mean, it could be that person hosting the torrent rar'd up his .avi files and serves it up that way. Which would be dumb, but possible.

Also, most video files are actually not streamable if you haven't downloaded them all. Unless you force index rebuilding which is really slow.

As for LCA, could anyone who's physically there please drop me a line ? I'm trying to figure out where I can follow the broadcasts, and apparently jdub thinks getting married is a reasonable excuse for being offline. Slacker !

the recoverable worth of time spent on the phone with landlords and service companies: 0 eur
the cost of replacing a small bit in a boiler: 110.67 eur
the feeling of the first hot shower in ten days:priceless

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