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My ex-boss and his wife came over, together with a couple they knew. The guy was going to ask the girl to marry her and Kristien had arranged a nice table on the beach for them. But before that, we went to the park and drank six liters of Caipirinha between the six of us. And I was pretty much on an empty stomach...


Warren did a new release this week, and I'm happy to see a bunch of my patches have gone in ! Also, I think our current buildbots look very spiffy.

I had started learning arch (using baz) for developing on BuildBot. What I did was create a branch off the last release point, and then create a branch per feature I was hacking on. Then I made one big branch that collected all of those features into a fluendo branch which I used for deployment. That worked out pretty well.

However, now with the new release I wanted to again branch the release version and finish up other features against the latest release. And for easier upstream merging, I also want to merge in these patches against a branch that tracks buildbot head. So I guess I'll have to redo my whole tree locally.

I'm enjoying hacking on Buildbot a lot. It's a nice project, it has fairly nice code, it just misses some documentation. There was however the initial problem of getting Warren to look at what I was doing. In the beginning I was describing what I wanted to do, I sent a few patches, and then I was waiting for comments because I didn't feel like going off very far on my own copy and then not be able to merge back because he wanted it done differently.

But meeting up in person at PyCon obviously helped. I got to explain some of the problems we deal with for GStreamer (stacked dependencies, conditional builds, ...), and get some ideas from him for those. After PyCon, Warren took some time and started looking at what I was doing. And I guess me not giving up and doing documentation work must have helped too :)

And Twisted is just sooo damn nice. The last time I had this sort of click with a project, where stuff just felt into place, and I got the feeling that here was a project that had some really good ideas, and some excellent people, was with GStreamer.

Discovering Twisted is like having that sense of wonder all over again.


We're looking at roping in some potential customers so I get to spend some time setting up tests and stuff. The upside of that is that we have some more stuff to play with and some nice ideas we can execute. The downside is running into the bugs you were trying to avoid in your own software :)

So today I got to buy a barebone 64bit machine to use for one of the demos, and that means I can finally start doing some of the 64 bit fixing myself. I was particularly embarassed a few months ago when Zaheer couldn't get his streaming up and running because of a bug in my code that I hadn't encountered myself in GStreamer.

As for Flumotion, currently trying to spend most of my time hacking on the RTSP stuff. It gives me ample opportunity to dig a little deeper into the internals of Twisted. Implementing from RFC is boring and rewarding at the same time. It gives you a chance to work on some other parts of the set of development skills one tries to build, because the hard work of designing is mostly done already.

Next week Kristien and I are going to go down to the south of Spain to visit Malaga, Cordoba, Sevilla and Granada. If any of the Spanish people want to offer me some tips on what to see when I'm there, feel free !

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