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Belgium breezed by

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Almost a week spent in Old Country. Arrived and got picked up by Wiebe and Peter at the airport - great to have friends. Went out for some drinks and gave Peter his birthday present. Went to meet my new godson, Arthur.

Babies are cute

Went to a reunion of our university radio, was good to see a bunch of people again, though some were dearly missed. Also enjoyed a concert from Belgium's most underachieving band -
Grrr Tfff, the punk folkers from Gent.

Spent part of Saturday in Leuven to make newly born Finn's acquaintance. Went out for dinner on a boat with Tamara - pretty good food. Sunday was spent watching Atame again (which is starting to show its age) and dinner at my godson's house with the family - excellent steaks.

Chunks of monday disappeared into my dad's computer - upgrading, putting in a decent DVD writer that allows the machine to boot, upgrade packages (his laptop was still on Red Hat 8). The evening was spent with Ellen at an Art Brut concert in the AB. Excellent stuff. Apparently they've been talking to the kids since 2003. A short Tuesday later I was back at home in Barcelona.

My dad's take on computer security

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