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Been a while since I mentioned anything interesting about work, so here's a quick rundown.


[thomas@thomas gstreamer]$ ls
gst-fluendo-ac3dec     gst-fluendo-isofile     gst-fluendo-realdec  releases
gst-fluendo-alsaspdif  gst-fluendo-mp3         gst-fluendo-wmadec
gst-fluendo-asf        gst-fluendo-mpeg2video  gst-fluendo-wmaenc
gst-fluendo-asfmux     gst-fluendo-mpegdemux   gst-fluendo-wmvdec

It'll be nice to get some of these out to a wider audience. If you're interested in being on some form of a beta program for any of this in the near future, let Uraeus know.


Wim has gone back to JST hacking this week. JST is pretty much an implementation of the 0.10 GStreamer design in Java. It's used for the new version of the Cortado applet. It takes a lot less code than the C version.

Interestingly, Wim found a race yesterday in GStreamer because he ran into the equivalent race in JST. The rac in GStreamer never got triggered in practice, but it does get hit in Java because it's a little slower there.

All of this is publically availabe in svn. I haven't tried building it recently, but will probably get back to it when I have some time so we can finally integrate it in Flumotion.


Edward, our Pitivi hacker, has put together a looper component for Flumotion. Basically, it's an audio/video producer that takes an ogg file and loops it forever. He added a simple UI for it - here's a peek. Looking through his code is a source of ideas for me to finish the flumotion-template and howto on writing components.


Mike started putting together a Flumotion component for RTP streaming this week based on the code I had written before. It took him less than three days to get the streamer done, with minimal changes to my modules, so that's good. It was exciting to see the stream produced by Edward's looper on the mobile phones. It looks much like in the screenshot above (which has the lowest possible bitrate set for video - hence the quality).


Andy finished his synchronization hacking this week. GStreamer clocks can now be exported over the network, allowing flumotion components to synchronize to one of the other components. Now, it seems, some more fixes are needed in GStreamer elements (for example, correct ALSA timestamping), but the basics are there now.

more to come

Jan is working on something cool as well that I can't say much about right now. But I'm sure some people will be happy with what he's doing. He's almost done and then we can throw something out.

All in all, an exciting week of finalizing bits and pieces at Fluendo HQ...

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