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11:56 pm

Ross, for a man of your caliber there is only one true yardstick to decide if you qualify as a treehugging leftie.

Things like food, whether you kill animals, take care of animals, are nice to your girlfriend/loved ones/wife are not important. Only one thing matters: is your complete music collection in Ogg/Vorbis or an equally free format or not ?

If you encoded any of your CD’s in mp3 and are using them to actually listen to them, you’re obviously a capitalist swine :)

Here’s a drawing to help you decide

tree-hugging leftie                                       capitalist swine
using free formats < -----------------------------------> using proprietary formats

Thomas                                                    rest of the world
(and possibly one more person)

                                     ??? Ross ???
Brought to you by the too-late-to-be-hacking-dept

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