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How not to solve a problem

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 10:41


This autopackage page does not look like it's going to convince anyone in any project they insult to "fix their stuff".

Stating that there is a problem with how software distribution is handled on Linux is one thing. Saying that your solution is right and everyone else is wrong is another. But then managing to come across as superior and arrogant, being surprised why people mostly seem to not feel this is a problem, and insulting every project that you actually need to convince to change ? Doesn't sound like it's going to work any time soon.

Arrogance rarely works - that page makes me want to write even more Python programs, just because they "'fix' this in autopackage by recommending developers don't use Python.

I don't understand this page - Mike Hearn is above all a very pleasant guy to interact with on IRC, and while he obviously feels his solution is the right thing to do (and well he should, if he's working on it), this page doesn't sound like anything he would want to be responsible for, at least in style.

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