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Late-night reading

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 4:42 am

4:42 am

After three hours of sleep I woke up and was unable to get to sleep again. So I started surfing at random, and came across the Unix Haters’ handbook. It’s well-written and funny in places. Here’s a sample that made me laugh at least:

Some Unix victims turn this filename-as-switch bug into a “feature” by
keeping a file named “-i” in their directories. Type “rm *” and the shell
will expand this to “rm -i filenamelist” which will, presumably, ask for
confirmation before deleting each file. Not a bad solution, that, as long as
you don’t mind putting a file named “-i” in every directory. Perhaps we
should modify the mkdir command so that the “-i” file gets created auto-
matically. Then we could modify the ls command not to show it.

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