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Mach 0.4.9 ‘China’ released

Filed under: Hacking,Releases — Thomas @ 9:30 pm

9:30 pm

Somehow I always end up delaying releases of mach until a few weeks after a new Fedora Core release, even though I always add the relevant files before the release. This time was no exception. One of the main reasons is because I don’t have a smooth release process as I have for GStreamer, and that always annoys me enough to not properly do a release.

Anyway, using the prototype tools I cobbled together over the weekend I sent out the release announcement mail and updated the freshmeat record.

As for mach itself, features in this release include:
– added DOAP file (Thomas)
– added Fedora Core 5 (Thomas)
– fix build ordering when building multiple packages (Thomas)
– always evaluate spec file inside the root (Thomas)
– add an option for md5summing of results (Matthias)
– pass ‘buildopts’ from a root config to rpmbuild (Thomas)
– add ‘excludearch’ property to root config,
fixes yum’s semi-random behaviour on x86_64 (Thomas)
– store yum cache data per-dist, shared for flavors (Thomas)
– clean up yum metadata for local repositories (Thomas)

Enjoy, and let me know if you run into anyissues.

Meanwhile, the mach3 rewrite is getting functionality added step by step as I have some days off to work on them. I added a bunch more stuff the past weekend, and I now have a working mach binary that can go through all the setup steps. That’s probably going to stimulate me more than anything else to go back to hacking on it – even though developing the classes correctly and writing unit tests for them on its own is fun as well, as long as there isn’t a mach binary to play with it still feels as if it’s years away from completion.

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