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I arrived late last night in Porto Alegre and was welcomed at the airport exit by Fabricio and Felipe, with a sign with my name on. They promptly dropped me off at the Comfort Inn where I crashed on the bed after 24 hours of travelling.

I spent today writing slides, helping Paolo with some last-minute Flumotion configuration for the streaming, and wrestling with X.org in FC5 and projectors. It's 2006, yet I'm expected to read man pages for X.org drivers to figure out how to a) get my CRT output working and b) get it to work in a resolution other than 848x400 (that was definitely a first for me). Before FC5 this "just worked" when I hit FN-F7 on my Thinkpad, but now it seems this is a feature that needs enabling. Good thing I took some time to test that today.

The people organizing FISL have been very friendly and helpful. It looks like at least 5000 people will show up, and it's a pretty big place with 7 conference rooms and a big hall.

My talk on GStreamer 0.10 is tomorrow at 12.00 local time or 15.00 UTC. It should be streamed if you want to watch it - the Icecast relay page for the Flumotion streams is http://stream.softwarelivre.org:8000/, and my talk is in the Babbage room.

Of course, if you're already here at FISL, it's probably easier to just drop by.

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