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Recipes for disaster

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 19:28


  • booting your software suspend-enabled linux kernel
  • upgrading the Fedora kernel package, which changes the default to the newly installed kernel
  • software suspending the machine because you're travelling
  • turning on the machine, GRUB boots the non-software-suspend kernel when you' re not looking
  • realizing this, cursing that you didn't save a bunch of stuff in your session, working for a while
  • shutting down because you'll be travelling again
  • remembering that you need to select the software suspend kernel at boot time
  • blink in astonishment as the kernel restores the previously hibernated session, wondering how this can work since it uses the swap partition for its storage
  • hack a little, compile a little, do some stuff
  • be very alarmed when the compile fails because it's trying to write to a read-only file system
  • check dmesg, notice your ext3 file system is experiencing a lot of errors
  • reboot, only to have the boot process tell you to check your file systems manually
  • get acquainted with a whole new class of ext3 errors that you didn't even know existed in the first place !

Do try this at home, it's fun ! And if anyone knows how the software suspend kernel manages to restore from a RAM image saved to a partition that got used for actual swap memory in between, do let me know.

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