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Mach to the rescue – again

Filed under: Hacking — Thomas @ 22:09


A few months ago I used mach to upgrade an old Gallery install, taking it from PHP4 to PHP5. Today I wanted to hack on buildbot some more, and when trying it on my local SVN test repository I noticed that the repository was borked. Apparently it was once created with BDB 4.2, while my laptop is now using FC5 with BDB4.3. Gotta love Berkley.

Anyway, here's how I got out of the situation. The last Fedora that shipped with BDB 4.2 was FC3. So I did:

mach -r f3c setup
mach -r f3c yum install subversion
cp -pr /home/svn/test /var/lib/mach/root/fedora-3-i386-core/tmp
mach -r f3c chroot

Then, inside the chroot:

cd /tmp
svndump test > svn.dump

And then, outside the chroot again:

svnadmin create test
svnadmin load test < /var/lib/mach/roots/fedora-3-i386-core/tmp/svn.dump

Apparently, Subversion has switched to using FSFS by default, leaving BDB behind. Sounds like a sane choice to me. But if you run into this problem, remember - mach is there to help.

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