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Filed under: General — Thomas @ 11:09 am

11:09 am

… with the New Wave of Peer-to-Peer download applications ? Do their developers have 15 GB of RAM on their development machines ?

Bittorrent – trying to download 4 GB of data over the weekend – hasn’t downloaded *a single byte yet* – consuming 500 MB !

amule – consistently using over 100 MB when not downloading anything at all.

It takes some balls to be taking even more memory than the always-insisting-on-caching-every-single-page-you’ve-seen-even-though-you’ve-closed-the-tab-and-aren’t-likely-to-ever-want-to-see-the-page-again Firefox/Mozilla for just *sitting in the background*.


While browsing the Dell website for stuff to spend money on for our platform, we noticed that you can get a specific server with 16 GB of RAM for a 4000 euro markup, and 32 GB of RAM for a 40000 euro markup to the base configuration. No, I did not mistype an additional 0. No, really, I didn’t.

Surely 640K must be enough for everyone ?

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