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Happy Birthday to Jeremy back in Belgium who's finally left behind the boring third decade of his life ! Too bad I couldn't make it to the party, or Willeke's party, but Kristien is here for a week so I'm not complaining.

things to have done in life before you're 30

Some things you can't leave undone until you get too old. So right before turning too old, you've got to hurry getting them done.

  • buying beer from the supermarket for your own consumption: check
    I've bought a few Coronita's (which are the Mexican Corona's, but for some reason they get renamed) and once in a while end up drinking one with a slice of lemon. (I can hear dozens of friends in Belgium now go "What the hell ?")
  • getting angry - successfully - in a language other than your mother tongue: check. Last week I was riding my bike through the city as usual, and in a narrow street this car was indicating that it was going to turn left, and suddenly while I was about to pass it by, it first jerked to the right, forcing me to break hard. So I tapped his rear window with the flat of my hand, which caused him to chase me instead of turning, and then a discussion ensued that included the word imbécil on his part, and a failed attempt at civil education on mine. But - it was in Spanish.
  • finding a cocktail that you actually like - check. The last few years in Barcelona have brought me the caipiroska, and now when Mateo comes over with his cocktail making box and makes fresh strawberry daiquiris, I'm sold
  • Going to bed on two daiquiris and a caiporoska, and waking up and having breakfast on nachos and guacamole: check
  • Things I haven't done and everyone else around me is doing: buying houses, getting married, having kids.

    Ok, my list is wearing thin ... any other suggestions before it's too late ?

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