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After a nice bbq close to the lighthouse we went onwards to the Fluendo beach party and enjoyed the nice weather, music and drinks. I hope people enjoyed the party, because I have to work about six minutes for each pint consumed ! Thanks a lot to our bosses, Julien and Pascal, for throwing it.

The party was gatecrashed by a professional vagabond however, who in his drunken stupor decided to swap people's badges. In my case, he outright robbed it, leaving me with no other recourse to trade my way back up the ladder than to ambush him and take back my badge by force. I ended up throwing him through the Fluendo logo and into the sand. After a brief fight - where I was also pounced by Jordi - my victory was snatched away from me by the overzealous barman planting his knee in my chest. It still hurts when I breathe.

In any case, I ended up snatching away 37 reales, have already returned reclaimed badges to Michael Smith, Fernando Herrera and others, and I still have badges for Alvaro Del Castillo, Andreas Nilsson, Lennart Poetering and Guillaume Desmottes. Come see me around the Fluendo booth to reclaim them !

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