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Happy birthday

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2:13 pm

My baby sister turned 28 yesterday. For her birthday she got a crushed shoe and a bent rear bicycle wheel, courtesy of a truck driver who failed to notice her when leaving a roundabout.

She got stuck between her own bike and a metal bar protruding from the back of the truck. By some incredible miracle she only has a bruised toe; she can’t really explain what happened. She was just coming back from a double emergency shift at the hospital she works in as a doctor. She was saying on the phone how surreal it was to have been saving lives herself only an hour before and being so close to becoming a life needing saving. When the ambulance took her off she did request to be taken to a different hospital than the one she works with, because she didn’t want her collagues to see her like that. I guess she didn’t suffer any personality damage.

Perhaps this is the worst birthday you can have, and perhaps being given the chance to live again, 28 years after the first time, is an unbeatable present.

Treasure your days, people.
Happy birthday, sis.

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