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8:17 pm

Our new office manager (well, our first) starts in two weeks. When she was trying to find this place security downstairs described our company as “Bohemian”. I wonder if that means that we work late, or start late, or never shave, or wear shorts. Maybe I should go and ask.

Hero of August Award goes to Jan Schmidt. Not only did he join me in my quest to install machines at the data center – twice – on a Friday, his personal project day, but he also took care of my cat for a full week, but more importantly !

He fixed

  • my Playstation, which wasn’t playing DVD’s anymore
  • my Hifi, which was refusing most – and even brand new – CD’s, and the ones it did play it sprinkled with static
  • the VFD display in my Hifi that allows me to set an alarm to get woken up by beautiful music of my choice is now fixed too. It had been broken for three years, and I took advantage of Jan’s enduring love affair with his soldering iron by Googling for my hifi’s model, and finding some pages that mention that this type of problem can be caused by two specific capacitors going bad. Jan was sceptic about my odds, but when we found some pages that showed the same brown coloring on the VFD as I had (which Jan thought was a sign of the VFD having burnt up), he replaced the capacitors, and presto ! Fixed. (Yes Peter ! Another case of bad capacitors)

If I didn’t know any better I’d swear he’s trying to bed me. Everyone should have a hero like Jan – he improved my quality of life by leaps and bounds over the last month.

(The race for Thomas’s Hero of September starts tomorrow, for any contestants that want to partake.)

Meanwhile, I didn’t get to enjoy my new alarm clock yet, because stress is keeping me up late and waking me up early.

Soon, my pets.

my hands are covered in cake
but I swear I didn’t have any

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