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So, quiz time.

Next week, Bananarama are "performing" at the Razzmatazz club.

  1. Should I

    • stay home, because it's a waste of money
    • go, because it cannot fail to be fun
    • treasure the memory of Elizabeth Shue shaking her pompons to the tune of "Cruel Summer" instead
  2. If I go, which of the girls should I hook up with given the chance ?

    • Bana
    • Rama
    • Nana (apparently she left the band and they're now a duo)
  3. To weed out people that don't know what they're talking about:
    Which of the following Bananarama hits is not an "original"

    • Love in the first degree
    • Venus
    • Really Saying Something
    • Cruel Summer
  4. bonus question: which of these songs was borrowed by which more contemporary female artist ?

  5. To round off, which of the following producers should Bananarama never have worked with:

    • Stock
    • Aitken
    • Waterman
    • All of the above

Answers on a postcard by Sep 10 at the latest. Alternatively, you can use one of those new-fangled third millenium e-mail thingies people seem to be raving about.

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