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OLPC streaming

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So, after updating the OLPC firmware using 3 USB keys (so that the battery actually charges again), installing a bunch of Twisted stuff (luckily my local mix of FC5 and FC6 packages worked ,because the network is about 9600 baud, I kid you not), and changing a bunch of source code to work with v4l2src, we have the OLPC streaming with Flumotion.

Ryan Lortie and James Henstridge being watched by an OLPC

The OLPC only does video capturing, then throws the raw frames on the wireless Ad-Hoc network of my laptop. My laptop does the encoding and streaming. The network gives up once in a while, but it looks doable enough to demo this at my Flumotion talk at LCA this Friday.

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  1. […] Sorry to the Planet Gnome people who have seen this already. For the benifit of those following Planet Laptop which is OLPC’s planet aggregator, Thomas Vander Stichele managed to get streaming working from the OLPC camera to a Flumotion server over an ad-hoc network. […]

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