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I stopped understanding the business model of e-mail spam as soon as the arms race between spammers and spamcatchers began.  Seriously, who wants to buy viagra from a website that deliberately misspells the whole mail, quotes parts of Shakespeare in it, and makes it really hard to see even what they are selling ?

But once in a while spam can be very amusing.  I stumbled across a blog page which seems to be a mutated Markovian remix of my own blog feed.  I am not going to link to it – clearly that would validate the business model of this particular spammer, but I can’t resist quoting some gems from it:

“I was glad to be back home anyway. I feel an addiction coming up.”
“So now I firsthand experienced the difference between running or not runningmake before make install. ”
“Recursive coffee table and a bunch of plants, all of which made Kristien happy.”

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I am going to go down to IKEA to buy some stuff to make Kristien happy.  I am looking forward to seeing what type of box a recursive coffee table comes in.

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