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Dear Nokia

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 9:21 pm

9:21 pm

I have hard-earned cash.  I would like to give it to you.  But you are making it very hard to exchange my money for your goods.

 This is what I want.
I would like to know the price and click on a buy button.  I have browsed your Belgian site, your Spanish site, your European site, and your United Kingdom site.  None of those link from Accessories to a buy button or a shop.  What is up ? Do you dislike getting filthily rich ?

In addition, I would like to figure out if the “protective case” you offer for the N800 is as good as the N770’s hardcover one that you used to include.  I am a little paranoid about breaking the display of my device.

Any help you can offer me in making you richer as a company is greatly appreciated.

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