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Not sleepy

Filed under: Hacking — Thomas @ 2:56 am

2:56 am

Couldn’t sleep so I got up and hacked for an hour.

I added Darcs support to moap. Considering this was my first ever experience with darcs and this being sleepy-level code, not bad for an hour of hacking. I’d appreciate someone well-versed in the intricacies of Darcs to give this a look-over and tell me if I’m not doing anything stupid yet. I’m not going to dist it by default until I get some verification from someone or, add the tests.

I picked Darcs because I’m going to hack on Buildbot again in the near future and, as Brian Warner, buildbot author, seems to also use Buildbot as a way to learn about version control systems, I am forced to again learn a new one. The previous two were CVS and arch. And I learnt arch solely to, you guessed it, hack on Buildbot. (And the guy was nice enough to set up syncing mirrors to arch and CVS from Darcs. Total migration!)

Anyone up for either contributing a simple unit test for this (like the tests for CVS and SVN right now) ? Or anyone up for adding git support ?

Nighty night.

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