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Filed under: Flumotion,Hacking — Thomas @ 3:44 am

3:44 am

I couldn’t get to sleep, so I got up again and did some hacking. I’ve been working on reviving our Flumotion RTSP code the last few weeks in my spare time. This is code that was written more than a year ago, at the time when cell phone streaming was supposedly the Next Big Thing. I felt it was a waste to leave that code (which is in beta quality) to rot in our private repository.

The actual impulse for getting back to this is the work we’ve sponsored with Fluendo on RTP specs for Vorbis and Theora. They’re close to finished, and the payloaders and depayloaders have already been implemented in GStreamer.

Anyway, back to the point – I hacked in a quick UI not too different from the http-streamer UI tabs:

Flumotion Admin with RTSP

And that screenshot is the actual result of starting up the Flumotion stream, actually clicking on the URL and having Totem start up and start playing this stream. No cheating besides the hacks in the code :)

Some notes:

  • As you can see on the right, there’s also an HTTP streamer running. It serves the same stream as the RTSP streamer, but (obviously) muxed. Producers and encoders can be reused for both types of streaming.
  • Totem and Flumotion need HEAD of core, base and good for various tweaks and fixes to a bunch of elements to get RTSP running reliably.
  • The RTSP code is not public yet, but will be soon after some cleanup and stabilizing of the RTP specs.
  • GStreamer isn’t yet sending any signs of life to the RTSP server – no RTCP, or RTSP channel pings. Wim is planning to work on that, so the stream keeps running for half a minute (until the RTCP server times the client out)
  • The page says there are two clients connected, even though it’s just me – in RTSP-land each substream is separate, and thus right now watching audio and video is counted as two clients. To be cleaned up in the future.
  • The mime type is a hard-coded lie – again, there are two substreams, and not muxed, so it should probably show audio/x-vorbis, video/x-theora
  • The code can still handle H263, AMR, MPEG-4, … and still works with cell phones.  Too bad there are no phones out there with Theora/Vorbis support (yet ?)

Anyways – let’s see if this puts me to sleep …


  1. hi, this sounds to be a nice hack. are you going to publish your changes somewhere?

    thanks, regards, dz

    Comment by daniel — 2007-7-20 @ 8:13 pm

  2. Would it be possible to get this code? :)

    Maybe we could even sponsor some hours of development.

    Comment by Alberto — 2010-2-25 @ 7:19 pm

  3. >Hi guys, I am trying to get up rtsp producer in flumotion. But I need some assistance from you. Can you get me some config xml files and the most important patches to get me on the way.

    The purpose is to make a bridge between HLS and an RTSP server.



    Comment by Eddy Wissels — 2011-11-10 @ 10:33 pm

  4. Hi Eddy,

    if you’re talking about the rtsp-producer to get an RTSP stream so you convert it, just create a config with rtsp-producer and chain a generic-decoder to it.

    Comment by Thomas — 2011-11-13 @ 11:55 pm

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