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one button life change

Filed under: Hacking — Thomas @ 22:18


This weekend.  Lots of plans, getting organized, cleaning out my inboxes, lots of things working against me.

Like, say, my ADSL connection being reset every 30 minutes.  Goddamnit that is awful and I have still after three years not been able to figure out why.  It starts happening at some point, then goes on for a few days, then goes away.   Really shitty to have in Evolution ,because it means you have a small window in which you can trust theconnection to work, and Evolution typically can't complete most of the operations it's trying to perform in that window.  And then it just hangs on whatever task it's doing (either showing (...) or Working (0xp01nter) at the bottom).

It was so bad that I decided to go to the office today just to get shit done, knowing there would be a perfectly fine internet connection over there.

During my mail cleanup I also Google'd a little to figure out if at all, and if so how, offline folders in Evolution actually work with IMAP (I'm still not sure after the googling).

And there was this one post that said that there is a Cancel button.  And that you can actually <b>click it and it cancels</b> the running tasks.

What ? Where ?

I've been using Evo since like forever and I've never seen a Cancel button ! Where the hell is ... Oh, hey, what's that red round button at the top to the right with the white cross through it.

OMG.  It works.

This is definitely going to beat the crap out of --force-shutdown if this thing keeps working as well as it is right now.

On unrelated news: my private Inbox is currently EMPTY and my work Inbox has no mails in Inbox for June.

Of course, I always cheat a little bit and move reasonably old mails to a THROUGHBOX folder which I promise myself to get through someday (needless to say it has mails from as far back as 2000), but I did process over four months of mail and am back on top of my INBOXes.

Let's see how long I last this time...


  1. I’ve had the Cancel button put Evo into a weird in-between state and I had to restart it anyway. But it’s definitely better than getting completely stuck.

    Personally, I got fed up with Evolution, Thunderbird, crappy and broken IMAP implementations in everything and went the Gmail route. I love it, and I’m never going back to a fat client.

    Comment by Joe Shaw — 2007-06-18 @ 00:48

  2. Sounds like you have a problem with your adsl connection there. Have you considered getting a technician from your isp to have a look into it?

    Are you losing line sync on your modem when it happens? I did dsl tech support for a while, generally if the connection was dropping it came down to a few things.

    1. Dodgy filters, do an iso. test and see if it’s better.
    2. Dodgy modem, have you got another modem you can try.
    3. Dodgy phone cord. Don’t use a long phone cord under 3 metres preferably.
    4. Dodgy something on ISP’s end, could be a cabling issue or something at the switch.

    Anyhow you shouldnt put up with such a dodgy connection.


    Comment by Thomas McMahon — 2007-06-18 @ 06:06

  3. What ISP do you use?

    Comment by Anonymous — 2007-06-18 @ 06:23

  4. I guess you probably already have made some searches on the matter but just in case you didn’t know them just have look at a few spanish ADSL forum :

    You might find answers … or not.
    Hope it helps.

    Comment by ludovic danigo — 2007-06-18 @ 13:56

  5. […] So that’s what I did, from the console, and bam – it Just Fixes It.  It’s amazing how such a small change makes me so much less frustrated using Evolution.  Tied for the lead with the Cancel button. […]

    Pingback by thomas.apestaart.org » Evolution workarounds — 2007-06-30 @ 13:41

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