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I started noticing some of my Bloglines feeds not updating. In particular, my Penny Arcade and Dinosaur Comics ones were definitely over a month stale. So I thought, "what the heck, let's try the contact link and ask what's up."

The mail I got when opening a ticket had this in it:

Thank you for allowing us to be of service to you.

It is on a line on its own, there is no irony around it, and it is so sharp and pointily effective that I have no choice but to take this at face value, instead of writing it off as cheesy American service.

This line made me do two things:

  • Make the best, clearest possible bug report that I could, instead of a half-assed "I can't figure out what the URL is that breaks because your web interface doesn't make it easy" - instead I went digging around until I found a link to export to .opml then scan through that .opml file
  • When I realized that I could in fact export my subscriptions and thus possibly switch to another service, I thought "Man, these guys care, so I am going to stick with them."

We should hire the guy who wrote this template for our support team. We've had two incidents over the past week that could have been handled better :)


  1. Dinosaur Comics’s feed moved a while back; it’s now http://www.rsspect.com/rss/qwantz.xml (which works for me in bloglines)

    Comment by danw — 2007-06-19 @ 02:19

  2. “Delight the customer”. We had a training about this a few weeks ago and it was very interesting. Some obvious things about customer service got explained and structured in my head.

    I think these “customer delight” trainings are pretty standard. You should look into organizing one for everybody in your company (or proposing your boos to do it). Where I work, everybody receives this training in the next few months (2.500 employees).

    These trainings seem dull, but if you have a good instructor, they can really give you some insight. We went with this company for the training: http://www.d-sense.be/eng/homeENG.htm

    Comment by fons — 2007-06-19 @ 09:34

  3. The Power of Taking Care…

    I’ve always believed that truly taking care of things absolutely makes a difference in any field. I’ve interacted many times with customer services to help them and they didn’t even bothered to thank my help. As a result I develope…

    Trackback by László Monda's Blog — 2007-06-19 @ 10:38

  4. Your post generated a nice buzz this morning for the Bloglines team. While, you did need some support, we were able to get you a good resolution and get you back to a “happy-state.” Yeah!

    Let’s keep in touch. We’ve been doing a lot of back-end improvements which many people have noticed as high-levels of up-time. Now, we’ve started working on the front-end and will have some signficiant improvements to get in front of our user community next month.


    Eric Engleman
    GM – Bloglines

    Btw – The guy is a gal and she really does care about our users.

    Comment by Eric Engleman — 2007-06-19 @ 17:34

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