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Summer in the city

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Summer has hit in all its sticky sweaty glory.  This is my least favourite part of Barcelona - the summer months.  It's doubly bad because my most favourite season - spring - was basically non-existent - it was either rainy like hell or overly hot.  Too bad.

Now it's going to take a good two weeks of insomnia to adjust to the heat, and then holding on until August when a deadly calm hits the working part of the city.   There's still tourists - mostly the ones that are crazy or ignorant about the temperature - but most real people flee the city.  Here's hoping I can get stuff done while customers go quiet for a while.

I left work rather late and got hit by the wet summer heat, sprinkling droplets of sea salt all over my arms and legs.  I swung by Ciudad Condal on the way back from work - comfort food, always works - and I arrived with a thin film covering my body.  I probably stunk the place up but I don't care, Ciudad Condal is my hangout you tourists.

I will be happy to see Kristien tomorrow night and I hope we can still have our day off together on Thursday.  Time together is in short supply as it is, given her irregular schedule and her face on TV.

Friday we're having a little ex-work get-together, the people from 4FM meeting up at a bar.  It's going to be fun seeing those people back - the ones that deserted me, the ones that I deserted, and my bosses from before who sold the company at the wrong time and missed out.  It'll be a night filled with fun war stories.  It's so much easier to look back with fondness when time has put distance between me and the memories.


  1. Mmmmm pimientos padrones. Ciudad Condal is gooood. :)

    Comment by fnord123 — 2007-06-20 @ 11:10

  2. Ciudad Condal een goeie tent zeg je? Mooi zo, komen we er in September eens langs als we met vakantie in Barcelona zijn :-p

    Rolf Deenen

    Comment by rolf — 2007-06-20 @ 15:39

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