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LUG Radio Live

After repeated harassing by Jono to “blog about it” (1), I’m taking this precious piece of your real estate to flood your retina with shameless self-promotion.

Yes, that’s right. Come this Saturday, I will be talking about Flumotion at LUGRadio Live 2007.

It will be extra-special for me because it happens to be on my 31st birthday! Things you can do to make this particular event more memorable for me:

  • Promptu break out in an inpromptu “Happy Birthday”/”Cumpleaños Feliz” rendition (bonus points for glockenspiel or harp)
  • Show up with a present (Suggestions on US or UK Amazon wishlist (2))
  • Refrain for a day in calling me “Schnitzel” in any kind of variation (3)

Monday morning I will get up insanely early and take the plane to …


This year’s Europython conference is held in Vilnius, Lithuania (4). Again, I will be talking about Flumotion – but probably more from a developer’s point of view. I’ll also take the opportunity to do some recruiting – if you happen to be there and would be interested in working for Fluendo or Flumotion, do let me know.

On Thursday, I will fly back to Brussels. I will spend some time in the arm of my girl, go to Rock Herk (Archie Bronson Outfit AND The National FOR FREE !), and go to de Gentse Feesten (10 days of crazy partying all over my home town). After that, flying off to


The yearly mothership. This year I decided I wanted to do a new kind of talk, so GUADEC will see a 0.1 version of that – a talk on Practical Project Maintenance. It is still under construction, feel free to drop me some suggestions if you want me to address particular issues.

If you want to meet up at any of these events, file a ticket.

(1) He sent one mail and that’s it.

(2) The folks back home are as always also eligible for this one-time-only exclusive offer

(3) That’s you, Jono Bacon. A man called Bacon has no right to call someone else Schnitzel.

(4) Holy crap I’ve never been this close to Russia.


  1. a) Your amazon.co.uk wishlist is broken.
    b) As regards Russia — come to Helsinki! Summer rocks.

    Comment by daniels — 2007-7-5 @ 12:05 am

  2. […] Tomorrow is not a special day just for Thomas, but for me as well (-10 […]

    Pingback by 7.7.7 = 21 at phanatic.hu — 2007-7-6 @ 10:35 pm

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