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5:31 pm

Getting up at 7.  7 hours of travel.  LUGRadio is 5 minutes from the train station but my twattiness made me book at the hotel the furthest away from both as possible.  Taxi through Wolverhampton.  Is it normal for a nursery to be next to a tattoo palace, or is it local city flair ? 3 out of 4 calls with my phone make my phone claim that “the number does not exist”, even though I’m on Vodafone UK here, and I was assuming Vodafone would be at its best here in the UK.  So I’m not sure at this point if my 3G modem card doesn’t work because a) the roaming wasn’t correctly activated b) I’m doing something wrong software wise or c) the coverage here is crap.

Things can only get better from here on out! Time to write some talky bits.

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