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xkcd author uses gnome ! Check out that awesome terminal screenshot.

Lugradio is crude, in a delightful sort of way.  Today saw Matt doing an hour-long gong-a-thon... in a thong.  Not a pretty sight.

The Everybody loves Eric Raymond guy is here as well, so I finally bought a "Knuth is my homeboy" shirt.  He did a nice gong talk about his characters with facts that were probably true.  Too bad he was cut short, he didn't even get to Eric.

Lugradio has a completely different vibe than any other conference I've ever been to, for better or for worse.  I had to improvise a little on my talk given that the projector screen was maybe two meters across, and with the sun it wasn't very visible anyway, but still got a good amount of questions, which I like.  On the other hand I will be happy to give a less technical/freeer talk at GUADEC.  I'm surprised to see the party being rather mellow though, no ruffians in this country at all! Just as well, I need to seriously catch up on sleep....

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