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Do some research

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 12:00


Alvaro, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt here. But your post makes zero sense. You saw some article on Slashdot about Linus possibly calling someone a hypocrite, and you use it to attach your OpenSolaris wagon to it.

For god's sake, do some research. It's a SlashDot post ! Did you actually see Linus call the GPLv3 authors hypocrites ? The Slashdot article links to some other article that claims Linus said something in a post. The article doesn't even link to the post it talks about, instead it links to the mirror page for the kernel.

For good reason - the actual post does not say something like "I say GPLv3 authors are hypocrites." The article author is misinforming on purpose, steering people away from what Linus actually said, to peddle his wares - in this case, his article. And it's working, because smart people like you are just parrotting him verbatim, then peddling their own wares - in this case OpenSolaris. People with their own agenda will take whatever anyone with some weight in the community says and take it out of context. You should be smarter than that.


  1. Hey Thomas,

    I have to agree with Alvaro about Linus’ way of arguing (the crappiest ever, even crappier than mine) and that “Please kids.. behave!!” is totally right (I was thinking about posting something like that a couple of hours ago…) The FSF is turning things into “The FSF owns everything” and it’s like they’re donating code – that the community actually wrote – back to the community. Linus is yet another troll that is trying to piss off the FSF and Richard Stallman at any costs. It’s turning into a kids’ playground.

    Comment by Fred Morcos — 2007-07-14 @ 12:32

  2. The link is broken.

    Comment by Martin — 2007-07-14 @ 12:49

  3. I think slashbdot really needs more journalistic responsibility. What do they pay the editors for. It’s not like it’s digg or reddit.

    Comment by Alex — 2007-07-14 @ 16:23

  4. +1


    Comment by Miguel de Icaza — 2007-07-14 @ 17:51

  5. Linus often acts like a troll, but not this time IMO.

    Comment by thebluesgnr — 2007-07-15 @ 00:55

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