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Summer time and the living is

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There are days in this city when the work is hard and the nights are easy.  I was planning to get to bed before twelve every day of the week and didn't manage a single time yet.

Tuesday we had a drink for our Office Manager going away, and we ended up at the Risolis tapas bar for excellent tapas and two bottles of wine.

Wednesday the plan was to go eat the excellent rabbit at Can Margarit but that plan fell through and I ended up at El Rey De La Gamba.  Some TODO dreams are of the kind where you cherish the idea of possibly doing something more than you would actually having done it.  Taking holiday off of work and go work at El Rey for a week just to get one of those awesomely awful T-shirts they have is one of those.

Thursday a birthday party at bar Centric.  Fun people all around, discussing work and life stuff, having home made tapas and some drinks.

And all the while at night the air feels pregnant and the temperature's tender.  It is just bearable in the sleeping department, much more so than last year.

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