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Is when you have a three day weekend with big plans for Getting Shit Done, and every night throws a spanner in the wheel.

Saturday was particularly delicious - our main mail/web server crashed, and I couldn't reboot it remotely. Aparently this was my own fault, it's the one machine I never configured Serial-On-Lan for. Apparently the drives had left the virtual RAID-1 disk, which I have now figured out is likely due to a firmware bug on the controller. In any case, I left for the data center around 2:30 AM, and left there around 4:30 AM. Except they couldn't get me a taxi - 10 minutes of hold music on the taxi phone. All of Barcelona is celebrating La Merce.

The guy at the data center told me to walk to a hotel nearby and try my luck there, but no dice. Around 5:15 AM, I resigned myself to take the long way home on foot from IKEA on Gran Via. After half an hour, an empty taxi drove by and took me home. I swear I never kissed a taxi driver so violently as I did that night.

So, very little rest for me this weekend, and not that much Shit Done Getting.

Last night was a good breather though - Travis were playing ten minutes from where I live, out in the streets, for free. They're not my favourite band, but they hold their own live, and I have good memories of seeing them live. And I swear, it is hard to stay depressed when you're listening to Writing To Reach You or Why Does It Always Rain On Me.

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