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Nerd shirts

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 13:10


are hard. I've got so many t-shirts from conferences or events that I'm just never going to wear except when I'm painting walls or something. Also, most t-shirts come in one size, which some people call Extra-Extra-Large-American.

Recently the ACCESS T-shirts were a prime example. Even Google, who get so many things right, usually get their shirts wrong.

Once in a while though someone gets it right and a shirt passes the simple girlfriend test - at least, as long as you don't actually start explaining what the shirt is about. The LCA 2007 shirt is an excellent example.

The most recent acquisition passing the test is the Openismus t-shirt. It looks cool, has a nice design, felt-feel letters, and it does not say "nerd" at any angle. This week, however, some visitors pointed out an easter egg of the T-shirt:

I'm not sure if that raises or lowers the score for this shirt on the nerd scale yet, but it is definitely a balance tipper.

P.S.: with extraordinary mental control I've managed to avoid making purile jokes about similar easter eggs in the name of Openismus' founder. One day I will be rewarded.


  1. !

    Comment by pvanhoof — 2007-09-29 @ 22:51

  2. Totally. I wear my openismus shirt out clubbing and people compliment it all the time and are shocked its a geek shirt. It is a really well done shirt.

    Comment by iain — 2007-09-30 @ 01:16

  3. You get extra points for seeing what I hoped you wouldn’t. All publicity is good publicity.

    Comment by Murray Cumming — 2007-10-01 @ 11:39

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