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All this new mango stuff looks great, Olav and friends are kicking ass.

Obviously I wouldn't be writing this if I had only compliments to give.

We're supposed to run a certain command to get our password. This command can only be run once. The password is long and cryptic. It cannot be changed. And we're supposed to keep it secure.

Now, I'm no Joe Shaw when it comes to passwords, but I think this time I'm going to pass on this exciting opportunity to memorize arbitrary strings of letters and numbers. As a reminder to my future self, I stored this password in $HOME/private/doc/gnome/mango, because I'm 100% sure that otherwise I won't even be sure I'll remember where the password is by the time I will actually need it.

I hope Olav's not going to be too busy a few months down the line changing people's passwords because they've forgotten it, so that he has time to make Mango rock even harder.


  1. What’s your excuse for not using a password management system already?

    Comment by Adam Williamson — 2007-09-29 @ 17:49

  2. Adam,

    walk me through it. What program should I be using ? It should let me manage the file with passwords it saves to to in Subversion, because I need to have it available on all machines that I work on. Bonus points for being able to split them across a few files according to “security ring level” – my work/bank passwords I would want on fewer machines than the standard ones.

    There’s this GNOME keyring manager that sometimes pops up and asks me for a password, but I still don’t know what it is, how it works, and where it’s hiding in my menus. Not very discoverable.

    Comment by Thomas — 2007-09-29 @ 18:16

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