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be faint my heart

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 21:36


Like my grandmother said, "Never eat Chinese twice a day." I paid for it on the toilet last night, in full. I felt queasy all day and medication was needed.

Normally I wouldn't mention that unappetizing tidbit, because I have many much better war stories.

But in this case, I do, because there are two reasons I went to work anyway today, one of them amusing, the other maybe not.

The other reason was that there was an important meeting about my work that I did not want to weasel out of under any circumstances. This meeting was about SLA's.

The one reason was more practical. This week, they're refitting the water pipes in our building, which means that every morning, they close off the water at 8. The first night I prepared by showering late at night instead of in the morning. But last night's sudden food poisoning made the prospect of spending the day in an apartment without water very unappealing.

So, imagine this in terms of SLA's. We're building some system at work where, roughly speaking, we're selling some streaming services with SLA's at 99.5 or 99.9% uptime. (I'm simplifying, since really, good SLA's are supposed to be determined through rigorous application of probability and historic evidence, respecting the mathematical laws of probability)

Did these guys break my water SLA this week ? 8 hours, two days, that's already below 99.6% And the Chinese restaurant ? I've been told by someone that 25% of European food ingredients come from China, and do not meet the same stringent quality control as the others. What is their SLA ? 90 % maybe, based on historical evidence where I went there tence and got stung once ?

What's the SLA of the service where I'm healthy, or have water ? Answers on a postcard please.


  1. I guess we can assume that your grandmother isn’t Chinese?

    Comment by Joe Buck — 2007-10-25 @ 22:08

  2. Bollocks. In Beijing I had a big breakfast/lunch/dinner of Chinese food, pretty spicy, and my digestive system loved it.

    I think you need to eat more street tacos, Thomas.

    Comment by Federico Mena-Quintero — 2007-10-25 @ 23:19

  3. Hopefully the Chinese food is of better quality than the Chinese toys :)


    Comment by Bastien — 2007-10-26 @ 01:36

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