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Last week I cleaned up my key chain. The Real Life one.

I have this cool keychain with a circle and a twistable ring, and the circle has a rail on which you can slide three hangers, each with its own ring. It was a gift from a girlfriend after losing my previous cool keychain, which had a sort-of-almost-closed 8 loop, and a circle that slides over it, and a metal ball that locks into the circle keeping everything in place. But I digress.

Yesterday I realized that one of the three hangers has a ring of ten bicycle lock keys, all for bikes I was beyond hope hoping to get returned to me sometime soon. Since with our move last week I finally stopped actually owning a bike, I decided it was time to let go of the keys. Half the weight gone.

Then I noticed that I have door keys to five houses/appartments in the world. My old one here in Barcelona, my new one here in Barcelona, my parent's house in Gent, Kristien's place in Brussels, and our new apartment in Brussels. It made me wonder how the Brad Pitts of this world must have a huge key chain, what with all their desert island places and such.

Then again, they probably have a Keymaster in full-time employ, flying ahead of them and turning up the heating and letting them in.

I'll be happy to get rid of two sets of keys - my old Barcelona flat, which will now be inhabited by collague Alessandro, and Kristien's current place, which we will get rid of in February as we move into our brand new place.

In completely unrelated news, congratulations to David on his productive week, including the world's second live streaming of Dirac. I did the first one two months ago actually, when I was at the EBU Open Source conference and got distracted for an hour. Of course, full credit is still due to Dave, because I just wrote some python code to wrap up his hard work. And of course, I'm only the first one to have streamed in Dirac until the next blogger pops up and claims he did it first.

I should get that patch commited to Flumotion though.

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