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Exciting night!

Today is the second debate between Zapatero and Rajoy in the run-up to the Spanish elections. Last week, we had a record traffic peak, and one of our competitors got saturated. Today we expect even more, and we're even risking saturating all our peering ourselves. Whee!

It used to be my biggest worry was whether the software would keep running. These days I'm not that worried anymore about the code. These days I spend my time worrying whether the actual network pipes and peering points are big enough, and when we will get our 10 GBit links in our various data centers...


  1. Where can we see your stream?

    Comment by memedesimo — 2008-03-03 @ 23:01

  2. What media site are you running?

    All important newspapers were collapsed during and after the debate. Slow and with errors. El Pais was one of the fastests, but still showed some problems. Internet is still hard to scale up :)

    Comment by bisho — 2008-03-04 @ 09:37

  3. Out of curiosity, was it Fluendo streaming for TVE or a competitor we shall not name ?
    Because it was really smooth and without hickup (at least for me) and video was larger than usual (reading, not the youtube classic format).

    Comment by Ludovic Danigo — 2008-03-04 @ 10:30

  4. @Ludovic: yes, it was Flumotion (the sister company of Fluendo) streaming RTVE. Glad to know it was smooth and things worked well for you!

    Comment by Thomas — 2008-03-04 @ 10:51

  5. @Thomas: Now I’m impressed and pleased that means Gstreamer and Flumotion are getting quite stable (but you already knew I guess XD). If possible, you probably should blog a bit about how you technically manage to achieve that. Would nice promotion for flumotion (the software ;) ). and could get some people interested in contributing. I’ll definitively have a look at it. Nice work.

    Comment by Ludovic Danigo — 2008-03-06 @ 10:39

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