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Day 2 in the village of Saint-Marcel. We are on a skiing trip for this week. We, that is, Kristien and me, Mariette from work, and Anna and her brother from one of the other companies.

Kristien and I arrived yesterday morning and already went boarding the whole day. Lots of sun, good snow - even though it hasn't snowed for a month -, a nice chalet, everything great. There's no snow in the village where we are, but that's fine. The chalet is not next to a slope, so it takes some walking to get to the elevator, but hey - the price is right.

Yesterday we made some excellent spaghetti with vodka, and we toasted to lots of snow during the night. When we went to bed, it started pouring rain like crazy. The toast didn't work.

But this morning when we woke up and looked out the window, the roofs were covered in snow. We got a little sun in the morning, but it snowed pretty much all day, adding 50 cm of fresh powder on and next to the runs. There's just no comparing to all the times I went skiing in Andorra or Italia - France really does have much better snow.

They predict some more snow all night and tomorrow. Just simply awesome... All of you who decided not to come with us this week are wrong :)

All right, time to go home, we're making tartiflette.


  1. May I comment to say “enjoy the snow dude.” Also: “you bastard” ;-)

    Comment by wingo — 2008-03-16 @ 19:46

  2. Stop gloating.

    Comment by fons — 2008-03-16 @ 22:49

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