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That might just about be the best snow I've ever had. On top of the one day of snow/one day of sun we got in the beginning of the week, we got another combo like that. There was an all-night and all-day snowfall, and by the end of the day the slopes had massive mounds of waist-deep virgin snow on the slopes themselves. I didn't even need to go off-piste at all.

Every time I fell I got up with a wide grin on my face. I jumped a little hill off the piste, went a meter into the air, landed, got stuck, tipped over, did a cartwheel, sank in the snow, turned the bord 90 degrees, and slided away, without any damage. Spectacular. I wish I had it on video.

Now, the best thing about getting back is having a week's worth of xkcd and daily WTF to catch up on.

The worst ? 7000 non-list emails in my INBOX. Got them narrowed down to 100 over the last two days.

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