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Flumotion hacking pt 1

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I've been so busy with the moving, the renovating, and the working, that I've completely forgotten to take the time to announce the return of the Jedi.

Johan was the second person working for Fluendo - even though he only stayed for less than a year before moving back to Brazil - and had a big hand in creating Flumotion originally. He's back working on Flumotion, teleworking (and telecommuting between Brasil and Europe, sort of), and going back and implementing the original ideas we had for Flumotion and its user interface.

Johan's been rewriting the wizard, making it completely pluggable by other modules, and Zaheer's taken up the gauntlet and written DVB parts for the wizard. In the commercial version we also have ASF and FLV now working. Of course, Johan took the first chance he got at slipping kiwi down the wizard's throat. On the outside, the only real difference I saw was the cute animation when I accidentally added a second period to a float entry field.

But really, it's just been great to have Johan back on the hack - finishing up the loose ends we left a few years ago when we turned Flumotion into a service first, and now coming full circle.

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  1. How about fixing your broken deps in Rawhide? :-)
    flumotion-0.4.2-3.fc9.i386 requires pycrypto
    Is someone working on that yet?

    Comment by Kevin Kofler — 2008-04-01 @ 02:54

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