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Codeina is rocking the boat

Filed under: General — Thomas @ 15:36


"It takes fewer steps to set up multi-media on Mandriva. Applications that need codecs, such as Totem, now pop up a dialog allowing a choice between GStreamer codecs or commercial codecs via Fluendo. I kept choosing GStreamer, and managed to get nearly everything running except DVD playback. In the end I turned (as always) to VLC and and libdvdcss2."

At least the codeina part of that sentence is exactly what we are aiming for - making it easy for people to install the codecs, and giving them a choice between our Fluendo codecs and the possibly more dubious but Free Software versions. Too bad of course that the user had to resort to VLC for dvd playback, but hey, that's a problem to solve some other day.

Codeina was first integrated in a distribution in Fedora 8 (to much rejoice from users who wanted MP3 playback), and now Mandriva has picked up the latest release that integrates, among other things, external repository files.

Kudos to Mandriva on their new release! Any other distribution that wants to integrate codeina and needs help, feel free to contact us or drop by in #codeina on freenode.

P.S.: Anyone referring to this project with the inane name of "CodecBuddy" will still receive the cold shoulder as before.

UPDATE: Reinout asked for the original post.


  1. Can I be your codecbuddy then?

    Comment by rombocop — 2008-04-16 @ 15:47

  2. Out of curiosity, where did you find that quote?

    Comment by ReinoutS — 2008-04-16 @ 16:00

  3. > allowing a choice between GStreamer codecs or commercial codecs via Fluendo

    Yippie, at least!

    Comment by Livio — 2008-04-16 @ 19:51

  4. @Reinout: I added the link to the post.

    Comment by Thomas — 2008-04-19 @ 09:07

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