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sabbat part 1

Filed under: Life — Thomas @ 1:16 pm

1:16 pm

So, I took a week off to get my life cleaned up a little and enjoy my new apartrment back in Brussels.

I’ve set myself some specific goals and gave myself a todo list. I’m also hoping to enjoy being on holiday, go see some concerts, and play some GTA4 (surely a bane of any good sabbatical).

Friday evening we went to Motek‘s CD release party. Not bad, but the songs I had heard on the radio were probably the best they had, so it was slightly disappointing.

I spent saturday making lists of things to do, we cleaned up the garage a little bit, and I reorganized my browser bookmark system. More on that in a separate post.

Yesterday was spent overhauling the garage completely, dealing with the wet floor, reorganizing it so we can find stuff and put more stuff in it, and cleaning the doors. We also took pictures of things we wanted to sell, and they’re now on Kapaza (If you know of other/better sites to advertise furniture on in Belgium, feel free to let me know).

And Friday I noticed by accident that our beloved …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead was visiting my new home town, so I mailed to reserve a ticket and got my wish yesterday. A rock hard performance – though short – by the boys, and a very energetic crowd. I almost got hit by a microphone stand, and a cymbal stand ended up being thrown in the audience as well.

I also enjoyed the second opening band a lot, every song was good, doesn’t happen often for me. They’re Bellavista from San Francisco.

7 days of sabbat left.

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  1. Direct links to what you are selling on Kapaza please.

    Comment by fons — 2008-5-19 @ 4:13 pm

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