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sabbat part 3

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10:09 am

Yesterday evening I made my first sale-through-the-web – An older man in a very nice suit came by to buy the Robin CD shelf for 10 euro. He didn’t look like the kind of guy that collects CD’s or needs to buy shelves second hand, but I didn’t ask what he was going to do with it. And now I regret not asking – I seem to have a need to know what happens to stuff I stop using and give away.

Anyway, because Fons asked, my other items on Kapaza are:

  • industrial vacuum cleaner(I just *know* we’re going to need it as soon as it gets sold)
  • my back-friendly chair(Painful to get rid of as it has served me so well, but it damages the parquet floor we have now)
  • microwave(when you’ve had a few different places between you and your girlfriend you tend to accumulate microwaves – we already gave one away)
  • My prized TV closet – our new TV’s outgrown it.

Registered friends get a 20% discount on every item as long as they permanently give up the right to complain about the sale once made!

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