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Filed under: GNOME — Thomas @ 3:28 pm

3:28 pm

I really feel bad for Karl and Zeeshan. These guys obviously want to be censored but can’t get get their ass censored out of a brown paper bag. They’ve called foul twice in a week now and after long and painstaking investigation it turns out it’s likely there was no malice at all involved. None!

So, Jan Schmidt – I call on you to seriously censor these guys somewhere. Be a pal!

By the way, if anyone is seriously forming a committee at GUADEC to handle p.g.o moderation, I’m turning in my Foundation Membership badge. You know what to do if you want me out.


  1. A badge? You got a badge?
    Why didn’t I get one?

    I need a GNOME foundation badge to perform warrantless searches in my neighbors home.

    Comment by Eitan — 2008-7-2 @ 6:11 pm

  2. WTF? I did not say anything about my blog entry being deleted at all even though that *seemed* to be the case until we were told about this ‘two posts at a time’ rule. In fact I was trying to convince Karl that it must be some p.g.o glitch. Regarding my original post, if it was so ridiculous and had no weight, why did Mark Shuttleworth took the time to comment twice on that post. Also what did I say that could deserve censorship?

    Comment by Zeeshan Ali — 2008-7-2 @ 6:50 pm

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