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tabs in GNOME

Filed under: GNOME — Thomas @ 08:48


The first post about Totem threw me off, but now I'm on to you GUADEC dorks. This is all just a big scam !

Of course, I still have my doubts about Christian Neumair's original post - I really do believe he added tabs to Nautilus. My guess is that's what's sparked all the ruckus and joking for the other applications.

So, anyone know if Nautilus really has tabs now ? Anyone know if Christian's followup post where he defends tabbed Nautilus as the sanest idea ever while condemning all the others is real, or just another hoax too ?

And if it is real, I ask, where do I turn in my GNOME membership badge ?


  1. Yep, nautilus is the only real tab implementation among the ones on planet gnome in these days :)


    Comment by Luca Cavalli — 2008-07-14 @ 09:59

  2. Yes, Nautilus does have tabs. The multiview branch was merged into trunk about a week ago and started this uproar.
    See: http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/nautilus/tags/MULTIVIEW_MERGE_TO_TRUNK/

    Comment by A. Walton — 2008-07-14 @ 10:01

  3. You turn in your badges at the same place you got them! http://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com/ Badges badges badges badges badges badges MUSHROOM MUSHROOM

    Comment by Jan Schmidt — 2008-07-14 @ 10:19

  4. http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/nautilus?view=revision&revision=14328

    Comment by LaHaine — 2008-07-14 @ 10:25

  5. And if it is real, I ask, where do I turn in my GNOME membership badge ?
    no worries, we already took it away when you failed to show at GUADEC. Loooooser ;)

    Comment by Luis Villa — 2008-07-14 @ 10:46

  6. What’s up? Hate productivity?

    Comment by Tyrone Rex — 2008-07-14 @ 12:48

  7. Johan will collect your badge.

    Comment by daniels — 2008-07-14 @ 13:16

  8. I think it’s something really useful, think about a browser without tabs, horrible. And that’s a file browser. So no more screens filled up with damm nautilus windows.


    Comment by think!! — 2008-07-14 @ 16:52

  9. Bwahaha. You can not return your Gnome badge. Gnome owns your soul! Bwahaha (distant church organ playing)

    Comment by Mikkel Kamstrup Erlandsen — 2008-07-14 @ 18:16

  10. > So no more screens filled up with damm nautilus windows.

    But not long ago we got “spatial” browsing added as the default which gives us zillions of unwanted windows (of course I turn that off immediately).

    Comment by Andy Burns — 2008-07-15 @ 02:11

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