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Vorbis in Flash

Filed under: Hacking — Thomas @ 7:50 am

7:50 am

I was wondering why Arek was arriving later than usual to work, to the point of being late at his own developer meeting where just a week before he instituted a rule that the last person in the meeting is to buy the rest of the team beer on Friday. This week he told me why, and yesterday he blogged about it: an implementation of the Vorbis decoder that works in Flash Player (albeit the newer version 10). It’s based on the Jorbis code which we took for Cortado, and it looks like it’s more than fast enough too.

I’m sure he wouldn’t mind you buying him beer for this so he can make good on his promise to the rest of our team. And he probably accepts pre-orders for a Theora decoder in beer too :)

Congratulations Arek on the release!

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