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question for the wordpress wizards

Filed under: Hacking — Thomas @ 19:18


After wasting again a big chunk of my weekend over fighting with mod_rewrite and wordpress to do some (to me at least) simple feed syndication, I finally figured out that I was in fact simply wrestling a wordpress quirk.

A URL like this: http://thomas.apestaart.org/log/index.php?cat=19,22

*only* works as expected when the Permalink structure in wordpress is set to default.

That is, the resulting page will show posts that are in category 19, or 22, or both at the same time.

As soon as you 'enable' permalinks, however, this breaks - the URL gets redirected to a URL of the form 'log/category/(name of first category)/, and only posts from the first category get shown.

I have no idea why this has to be the way or if there is a workaround, but feel free to let me know.

Now it seems I'm forced to choose between permalinks and feed syndication...


  1. I get torn between permalinks and feed syndication all the time! What I do when that happens, is go out for drinks. That usually does the trick.

    Comment by rombocop — 2008-11-11 @ 20:31

  2. To be clear, you mean ‘between permalinks and feed syndication from specific, multiple tags’, right? Because (for example) http://tieguy.org/blog/category/law/feed/ works just fine here.

    (Still might be a hard choice if you’ve got a specific need for that kind of feed, but is much less harder than what you’re explicitly expressing.)

    Comment by luis — 2008-11-11 @ 21:17

  3. Not sure why the non-pretty URL stops working once you turn on pretty permalinks, but here’s how to do the same thing with pretty URLs… the only problem is that this only works with tags, not categories.


    I believe that’s because category URLs are interpreted in a more literal/structural way in order to make category-based permalinks work consistently.

    Comment by Jeff Waugh — 2008-11-11 @ 23:39

  4. A completely insensible option may be to try the ?cat=-1,-2,-3,-4 and so on option. Brought to you by the department of needless complexity.

    Comment by Roshan — 2008-11-12 @ 10:29

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